Blast Off Album - Coming Soon

The new upcoming DaSkeeT album 'Blast Off' is complete.
Download links will be posted soon.
You can go listen to each track's sample on the DSM page.


New YouTube Page
DaSkeeT Album 'Blast Off'
Upcoming Chopped / Screwed Music

You've probably noticed that the original YouTube channel was shutdown/terminated due to
'3 copyright strikes' from certain Chopped and Screwed videos.
We are now in the process of re-uploading each video (excluding the copyright strike vids) and will have the new channel online very soon.
The new YouTube channel's URL domain will be posted once completed.
Make sure to re-subscribe once online.
Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for being patient while we work through this.
P.S. The original channel had 3 million + total views, and over 2K subscribers.

The upcoming DaSkeeT album 'Blast Off' is finalized and being prepared for release.
Download links will be posted and the 'DSM' page will be updated when available.

Once the YouTube channel has been sorted and the Blast Off album released, new Chopped and Screwed music will be online for download.


Power Hour 4
Trance Mixx 10


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