About Roscoe Hanner

Yo, my name's Roscoe and music has been a passion ever since a child.
I was born on May 16, 1989 and have lived in Houston ever since.

Music and clothing have been a big deal in my life especially living in H-Town, where “Chopped and Screwed music was founded and custom apparel and accessories are at large”.
I love the fact that I can design anything imaginable and put it on a shirt for the whole world to wear. Music is pretty much the same way. You can create whatever pleases the ears, upload it online, and next thing you know people are tuned in to your product.


The whole chop & screw scene was first introduced when I heard the new music style known as chopped and screwed founded by DJ Screw, back in middle school. I then started creating personal CD’s for my own enjoyment while still practicing the tricky craft. Friends were then interested and started listening to the C&S songs, thus wanting copies to which I happily obliged.

Listening to songs and thinking on the how to chop and which speed to slow down to, keeps the love and energy alive ever since the first track.


During my middle and high school years, I would always hear a popular hip-hop/rap song and wonder who created the beat and how. I started researching instrumental websites to get a better idea and quickly realized that just listening to the beat itself, was pleasing to my ears. From then I started flirting with the idea of rapping over the beats, as I already loved singing to all my favorite songs. It started out as freestyling in my room with friends, attempting to make finalized 2-3 minute songs. That turned into freestyling with friends at parties, which then quickly turned into a hobby that I wanted to take seriously. This took a good few years of learning and a lot of practicing to actually see what was decent and what was considered bad in my opinion. Basically every song was not satisfactory for my ears, but is how how the fire was sparked.

By then I gained enough knowledge and experience to feel comfortable in purchasing exclusive instrumentals that had certain licenses, for when I wanted to sell each song legally via online stores/CDs. It's still an everyday learning process, but is something that I love and am addicted to. There's nothing like the feeling of music flowing through your body, whilce dancing in goosebumps.

I hope you enjoy the music and take in the positive messages left in each track.


Our mission here at Da SkeeT Music is to make sure you look fresh in the DS apparel, amaze people with the DS accessories, and raise goosebumps when jamming out to the DS music.

Thanks to all of you that have made Da SkeeT Music possible in every way, cheers.